Fireworks Magazine Review on our ‘Pirates EP’

We just got a cool review from Fireworks Magazine in the UK. it reads:

Hammering out Rock & Roll meets Bluesy debauchercy via some of the Southern-tinges to popular right now, Germany’s THE LEGENDARY drum up a rolicking good time. The chugga-lugga wallof of ‘If I Was A Girl’ rolls as hard as it Rocks ( and the lyrics are an intentional chuckle too), as ‘Gallows Tree’ surges with deeper intent. Allthough, ‘I Wish I Had A Beer As Cold As Your Heart’ (Song Title Of The Month goes to…!) featuring Mary Jane Bonamassa on vocals brings that Country twang to proceedings. Far from as throwaway as they’d have you believe, the ‘PIRATES EP’ may relieve you of all your doubloons but it’ll leave you with a hearty grin on your chops and a bottle of rum in your hand. The band’s more recent two track single ‘KISSIN KATE’/’FEEL SOME’ is even better!

Thank you, Fireworks Magazine, for the kind words!


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