End of the 2015 European Tour. whats next?

8200 kilometers later, we’re back in munich now.

We would like to thank everyone involved for this Awesome ride!

Especially Tito, Johnny, Pete, Lola, Marcus, Alyssa, Jeff, Bruno, Benny, Chucky and of course the wonderful Olivia, for making this Tour such a great experience.
we already miss you guys and are looking forward to see you again this summer!

We also wanna thank Nik Beer, and Sarah Weber for doing such a great job and making this so much fun. we love you!

And thanks to everyone who came out, partied with us at the gigs, and supported us!

So what’s next?

We’re currently looking for a booker to help us get back on the road.
We’re also working on polishing our new songs to get ready to be recorded for the new album.
The plan is to get back into the recording studio by end of August.

In the meantime, we will play a couple shows here and there. One that is confirmed already is
the Darknight Festival https://www.facebook.com/darknightfest

more details are to come. stay tuned, and keep on rockin!



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